Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tuesday's done... doing... to-do list!

Hope you're all fine and dandy today. The view out my window is beautiful; brilliant sunshine, and the trees are still holding onto their autumn colours. But it's breezy and so coooold, so I guess they'll be naked very soon.

In the hope that I will be productive today  - here's my done, doing, to-do list!


  • Tickled pink - for losing a (little) bit of weight, when I've been so naughty.
  • Treading on a plug - a few expletives were uttered!


  • Thrilled - at the thought of going to Center Parcs at the weekend with friends. Fab family fun times!
  • Terrified - that have not lost as much weight as I planned and will be spending the weekend in swimwear.
  • Temptation-avoiding - must resist chocolate, or swimwear will be straining (even more).
  • Thoroughly engrossed in current read - The Bringer by Samantha Towle.


  • Tackle my daily word count so I finish my book before the next millenium.
  • Think about uploading a word count tracker. That should help!
  • Try not to forget am supposed to be working.
Hope you have a wonderfully productive day yourselves...

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Andrew Leon said...

Um... what's a plug?

And I'm sure your swimwear isn't as bad as you think.

Amanda Leigh Cowley said...

Do you not call it a plug then? You know, the thing that you plug into the wall... (Sorry not helping much). It's on the end of an electrical appliance and it has 2 pins on it (ours have 3), so extra pain! What do you call it? (I used to live in California; I wonder how many of my conversations were lost in translation!).

And the swimwear is fine - it's what's being restrained underneath that's the problem ;o)

Andrew Leon said...

Oh! A plug! LOL
Yeah, we call those plugs; that just didn't come to mind. I don't know why. I think I was just envisioning something that was sticking up out of the floor, and that didn't make sense in that context.
Where in CA did you used to live?

And I'm sure what's being restrained underneath is fine, too, which is what I really meant :P

Amanda Leigh Cowley said...

(Just left a comment on your blog too.) I'm glad a plug is a plug, that makes things much more simple!

We used to live in a place called Norwalk - which was quite close to Knotts Berry Farm. Happy memories!

Miss Cole said...

Ow, a plug! I hope your foot feels better!

Have fun at Center Parcs! But I'm sure you can nibble one chocolate here and there ;)

Good luck hitting word counts!

Amanda Leigh Cowley said...

I know! That'll teach me to put things away.

I plan to nibble lots of chocolate while I'm away - I'm just trying to lose 7lbs in 3 days before I go, lol!

Shannon Lawrence said...

I did a bit of plug-stepping while checking on my daughter the other night. Argh, it hurts! You don't think that earns you one teeny tiny piece of chocolate maybe? Good luck with your to-do's and enjoy your weekend!

Amanda Leigh Cowley said...

@Shannon - plug-stepping is not to be under-estimated! (Hope you didn't wake your daughter up).

And yes, I think you're right; I deserve at least a tiny bit of choc ;o)