Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Getting to Know Tessa Stokes...

Tessa Stokes is the author of the Seven Spell Saga. The Sealed Door is the fourth book in the series.

In her own words:- I am an indie author, writing paranormal romance and urban fantasy. I have always loved to write, and have written lots of commercial and academic material before reverting back to my love of writing fiction.

I live in the United Kingdom presently, but have lived in many parts of the world. I love historic and sacred places and gather much of my inspiration from visiting them. I write for readers who want to escape and enter the life of characters. My books are full of magic, romance, intrigue and danger.
1. How long have you been writing? What/who inspired you to write?
I have only been writing pure fiction novels for about two years. In the past I have written lots of commercial and academic ‘stuff’.

2. Have you ever based characters on people you know or based events on things that have happened to you?

Yes, all the characters in The Seven Spell Saga books are based on people or composites of people I have met. I have had a couple of weird experiences too that have been incorporated into the books and have inspired parts of the books.

3. Do you have any other books published?

The Sealed Door is the fourth book in The Seven Spell Saga, so there are three others published at the moment. Spellbinding, The Spell Breaker and The Seven Spell.

4. Do you have plans for any further books?

I am currently doing the first edit of a vampire book, paranormal romance and I am writing the fifth book in The Seven Spell Saga

5. What is your favourite book and why?

The Sealed Door, because Chloe has settled down in her new life, she has ‘grown up’ but more because since this has happened to Chloe I can give her more adult experiences. Also, I have loved hearing from other narrators. Oliver and Tristan speak in this fourth book. Oliver’s voice especially was lovely to write.

 6. What piece of advice would you give to a new writer

I would say follow your heart. Write your heart out, and never let anything deter you from your goals, there are lots of ‘naysayers’ out there and they will try to tear you down in many ways. If you want to create, do it.

Book blurb
In this fourth book of The Seven Spell Saga, The Sealed Door, we find Chloe McGarry still in love with both Oliver and Tristan. Both Oliver and Tristan love her too. The Sealed Door sees the relationship between Oliver and Chloe become very serious and yet she is still unable to choose between him and Tristan. Oliver suddenly realizes she will never choose between them, will it change his feelings for her? Chloe finds herself also taking her relationship with Tristan to a new level. In this book, The Seven Spell Saga gets steamy. Since she is unable to choose will someone else do it for her?

As everyday life goes on, we hear from Oliver and Tristan. Oliver describes his experiences and we find out more about how he feels. The Sealed Door has some interesting revelations about Tristan’s past. He finds himself feeling emotions he never expected to feel. He surprises his friends by his actions; this is not the Tristan we have come to know.

When Tristan asks the archaeology team to open the sealed door found in a tunnel below his house, where Chloe lives, a surprise awaits him.

Trouble is on the horizon from a surprising source. Tristan, Chloe and Oliver think they have encountered enough magic to have grown used to it by now, but they find this latest brush with witchcraft almost too much to bear.

Who is Lily and better still who is Anna?

When yet another experience from the past catches up with Tristan, the only thing that will fix things is yet another time travel adventure.


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