Monday, 7 November 2011

Getting to Know Mel Comley...

Just before I introduce you to a very successful indie author, I want to share something that made me smile. A Google alert told me Soul Protector had been mentioned on Hawaii Five-0 Online. It was an article referring to a lovely review from Kim the Book Worm where she had likened my main character, Dan, to Alex O'Loughlin, aka, Steve McGarrett! I love hearing how other people perceive my characters. In my mind Dan looks quite different, (although I'm not complaining about Alex - far from it ;o)). That's the great thing about reading books; you go where your imagination takes you...  

I wonder who Mel Comley had in mind when she wrote her book, 'A Time for a Change'? For those who haven't heard about her yet, Mel is a British thriller/romance writer who now resides in France. She's happiest when she's tapping away at her keyboard creating memorable characters and great stories. 

A Time For Change by Mel Comley is a romance/mystery novella, available for 86p/99c.

Based on a true story.

Danielle Pires's life is going well. She has a boyfriend who wants to marry her and is building a reputation as a talented and hard-working interior designer. Keen to expand her portfolio, Danielle is delighted by a request to breathe life back into the Victorian Mansion that handsome Scott Jordache is renovating.

Her parents, meanwhile, have organised a surprise Caribbean cruise to give her a much-needed break.

Danielle sets sail only to discover Scott aboard the same ship, but mysteriously travelling under a pseudonym. Intrigued, she feels torn between mistrust and being drawn in by his charm.

Should she let herself fall for Scott or return to the security of the man she left at home?


How long have you been writing?
I’ve been writing for almost ten years professionally after I retired early and moved to France, this gave me the freedom to write full-time.
Do you have plans for any further books?
A Time for Change is my second romance and it’s been great to change genre, but my greatest passion lies with thrillers. I have two thrillers out at the moment Impeding Justice and Final Justice but the third book in the trilogy Cruel Justice is due for release on the 1st October.
What is your favorite book and why?
Actually, I know people will condemn me for this, but I saw the film the other day and was reminded what a terrific book The Da Vinci Code is, a stunning thriller!
What piece of advice would you give to a new writer?
I would always say join a writer’s site, such as Authonomy where you will learn your trade. There’s more to writing than just putting words on a page. Then, invest in a GOOD editor, only go with someone who is recommended. There are lots of people calling themselves editors out there who clearly know nothing about the art of writing.


Liz said...

Congrats on the mention! Very exciting!

Amanda Leigh Cowley said...

@Liz - Thank you! Hoping that Alex guy's going to star in the movie ;o)