Friday, 10 May 2013

Elle Casey’s Springtime Indie Book Giveaway

The wonderful Elle Casey is hosting a Massive SpringtimeIndie Book Giveaway, where you can sign up to receive FREE books.
Please share the link below with anyone you know who might like free books. There are 190 titles and 1,554 copies to give away!!

You can enter to win as many books as you like – BUT – we ask that you do one thing first:

Please check out the book’s description on Amazon before you enter to win it, to 

be sure it’s something you’d read.  All of the authors are sincerely hoping that 

you will read and review their books.  They’re giving you a free book, and in 

exchange, you’re helping them find new readers who will like their work.

Keep in mind we ask only for honest reviews!  If you win, we ask that you

please post any reviews to Amazon at least and Goodreads too if you’re able.

Thank you, and now on to the fun stuff.  Here is the link to the post on 

Elle Casey's page, where you will see the list of books participating and

the contest entry form. Springtime Indie Book Giveaway

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