Thursday, 10 January 2013

I've Fallen In Love...

The Beach Hut at Widemouth Bay
... with a BEACH HUT!  True story.

This little gem is located in Widemouth Bay, North Cornwall.

If you've read the second book in the Soul Protector series, 'The Betrayal,' you will have seen the sneak preview of the third book at the end.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't read The Betrayal, and you intend to, then you should avoid reading the next paragraph.

The sneak preview ends with the Soul Protector secret busted wide open, and Gracie and Dan going on the run. I wanted to send them into hiding at a remote cottage by the coast, so I searched online for inspiration. And look what Google threw back at me....

How gorgeous is this? I can just picture myself sitting on the deck wearing a nice pashmina. I'd be sipping my way through a bottle of Rioja and listening to the surf crash on the shore below while I stare thoughtfully at the waves for writery inspiration ;) Pure bliss!

Open plan living area

The website advertises it as the perfect location for a honeymoon, a writer's retreat or film shoot location.  Apparently Kate Winslet stayed at The Beach Hut on her Cornish holidays, and it was a shoot location for Demi Moore.

But priced at £1750 ($2730)  for a 4 night stay, I don't think I could justify it to hubbie: 'You stay home, work and look after the kids, while I go and find my muse at The Beach Hut.' Hmm, probably wouldn't go down too well.

It may be out of my price range, but if you're interested in checking it out further, you can click through here: The Beach HutAnd no, I'm not on commission. Shame.


prerna pickett said...

so preeetttyy. If I could afford it, I would be there right now!

Andrew Leon said...

Go away somewhere to write? What a novel concept.
(I know; I'm bad.)

Amanda Leigh Cowley said...

@Prerna - It's beautiful isn't it? Maybe one day...

@Andrew - Yep, that's bad ;)