Monday, 28 May 2012

Original Sin - fun, games and giveaways!

Hi everyone, just wanted to bring you some news and give you a link to some fun, games and freebies.

Author pal, Samantha Towle, has just released her latest book - Original Sin. It's the second book in the Alexandra Jones series.

The first book in the series - First Bitten - is currently riding high in the Amazon charts, and is getting great reviews. (I'm halfway through myself and can vouch it's excellent - one of those book you can't read quick enough!).

To celebrate the release of Original Sin, Samantha is having fun, games and giveaways over on her facebook page today, so I recommend you pop round for a visit! Click here: Books by Samantha Towle

First Bitten blurb: 

A love story with bite …...

Walking home after a night out drowning her sorrows with her best friend, Carrie, Alexandra Jones stupidly takes a phone call from her cheating ex-boyfriend, Eddie, and in her anger hurls her phone into the forest before her.

But when Alex goes to retrieve her phone from the undergrowth, she and Carrie come face-to-face with a monster they never even knew existed, a Vârcolac (a nightmarish vampire-werewolf hybrid) and he's in search of fresh blood. The next thing Alex knows, she is staring at the impossibly handsome but mysterious Nathan who has helped bring her back to life, but not to the life she left.

To her horror, she discovers she has now become a blood-drinking Vârcolac herself and she is the only female of her kind, with the potential for breeding a whole new army of Vârcolacs if they can only track her down and press her into service.

And while Alex gets to know Nathan and his shape-shifting family as they offer her the protection she so desperately needs, unbeknown to all of them, the Vârcolacs are getting closer …

First Bitten on
First Bitten on

Original Sin blurb: 

Original Sin is book two in the Alexandra Jones series, the sequel to First Bitten.

Alex has run. Leaving everything she knows and loves … Nathan, behind. She’s a fugitive; hiding from the Original Vârcolacs who want to claim her for themselves.

Hiding in Italy, she has changed her identity and her appearance; working in a coffee shop in the quiet town of Sassano.

Then Zeff steps into her life. He’s solid, sturdy, but more so he’s human – he’s someone real, tangible, a friend throwing her a lifeline in a world of loneliness.

Believing she's safe from attack, nothing prepares Alex for what's lurking in the woods, on her doorstep, intoxicating her into a web of control and deceit.

Danger is closer than her shadow ... the hunt is on again, forcing Alex into the hardest dilemma yet.

Original Sin on
Original Sin on


Andrew Leon said...

That looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt on the cover of that book.

Amanda Leigh Cowley said...

Hey, it does a bit. I'll mention it to Samantha.

Hope you're getting on okay with your writing/book-selling :)

prerna pickett said...

thanks for the recommendations. I'll have to check them out.

Stephanie Judice said...

Adding it to my Kindle list, Mandy! Thanks!

Andrew Leon said...

Hmm... That really depends upon the perspective, I guess. Sale are not what I want, because, well, there would need to be sales for that. I've finished a couple of big projects, recently, so I'm hoping I can back onto the real writing. Of course, with summer here and the kids being out of school, I'm not sure how that's going to go. There's an announcement about one of the projects on my my blog.

Thanks for the well wishes :)
I hope things are going okay with you!

Amanda Leigh Cowley said...

@Prerna - you're welcome. Hope you're keeping well :)

@Stephanie - you're welcome too! It comes highly recommended :)

@Andrew - Oh :/ They do say the best things for sales are writing more books - so having the time to write is great. (Good luck with Summer and the kids ;o)

I'm going to hop over to your blog and see what your project is..

Andrew Leon said...

Yes, it is on the Kindle! :)