Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Big Learning Curve...

So, the book is done.  Well, I say done, but every time I look at it I end up tweaking something.  I read once that a writer never finishes his book, he only abandons it.  So true!  The trick is knowing when to abandon it.  Over-tweaking can completely ruin it, but under-tweak and you might end up with an inferior product.  I am definitely in danger of over-tweaking.  For this reason, I have drawn a virtual line under it.  It's finished.

So now the formatting starts... I've already submitted it to You Write On for (self) publishing.  That process will take up to 7 weeks.  And I've just started the process of formatting for Kindle.  So frustrating!  It's now in HTML format as requested, but trying to change codes to put errant lines in the right place is not easy...!  The good thing is, once it is formatted, it will be available within 24 hours.  So excited...!

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