Friday, 10 February 2012

Magic Eye Video

This first picture is not the Magic Eye - please don't waste time trying to see it. This is the beautiful Winter wonderland outside my window.

My kids and I were thrilled to see snow falling again last night, although hubbie was a bit grumpy, as it interferes with his work. Youngest son was awake early checking the school closures website, and was gutted to find his school was open today. At least he was happy to wrap up warm for his (short) walk to school. But it was a full-on battle to get oldest son - who has a cold - to wear the right gear for his twenty minute walk. Apparently it's not cool to wear a coat at secondary school... And when I suggested wellies, he actually laughed. The youth of today, eh :o/  Hopefully he'll find the dry socks I shoved in his bag when he wasn't looking.

As for me; I'm staying in the warm, writing, getting through my work chores and hoping there will be time for sledging and snowball fights later... that is if I can actually move around in my thermals, big coat, scarf, gloves, hand-warmers and thick socks... 

Now, here's the Magic Eye, and it's a video one; the first I've ever seen. Enjoy! (It does look like interference, but keep looking and you should see him, right in the centre of the picture).


Have a fab weekend everyone!